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Happy thanksgiving!

For me, every photograph I take is an act of gratitude. Creating, surrounding myself with and and sharing beautiful photos of my kids fills me with joy.

Here are my favorite photos from 2014.

Happy thanksgiving!


Time flies faster than a speeding bike - capture the moment when you can (sibling photos week 41/50)

With temperatures going below freezing today in New York, it's hard to believe that just a few short weeks ago the kids were hanging out at the playground without coats!

I was particularly happy to capture this moment of both kids on their bikes, because this beautiful moment of the two of them in motion together lasted all of five minutes before it started to rain and then Liam fell off his bike on the way home and scraped his elbow and I seem to remember that Jack may have decided he didn't want to ride his bike either and, well, some moments are really NOT worth capturing!

But it makes the moments that are, that much sweeter!

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Indoor, outdoor, stitches and tips - photos to remember (sibling photos week 39&40/52)

Columbus Day was my last day off work after I took some time off at the beginning of the school year to handle various school and childcare transitions. We'd all been sick and Keith had been traveling and was gone again so I planned a low key day sticking close to home.

After indulging in a little TV (which allowed me to experiment with some different interesting shooting angles) we headed out to our local favorite spot where many photos of the boys (plus some of my clients) have been taken - the Pratt campus.

I loved the opportunity to let the kids roam while I captured some "last day of leave" portraits. The time I had with my kids during my leave was so fantastic - a really great opportunity that I feel we all really took advantage of and that I am so grateful for. These photos are a celebration of that and a new phase we are moving into as a family.

And then Jack slipped and bit his lip badly and we had to go into they city so he could get stitches! Yes, that really did happen. Unfortunately, or perhaps fortunately, depending on how you look at it, I have prior experience with this due to Liam falling and getting a bad cut on his chin when he was 18 months old. Only then we were at a wedding and left in an ambulance to go to the ER!

This was slightly less dramatic. Our pediatrician referred us to a plastic surgeon who was great (no ambulances involved - we got a car service). Apparently this is quite common as they had a whole system down, complete with teddy bear, penguin shaped ice pack and certificate at the end! Jack was a trooper, and Liam was very patient and helpful. Our driver even waited to take us home and didn't charge us extra to do so.

All in all, not what I had planned for the day, but everything turned out fine, and thanks to my photos, it doesn't detract from the happy memories from the morning before all the drama.

I guess the moral of this story would be - capture the moment because you never know what is going to happen next.

Also, I ended up skipping a week in my DSLR sibling photos prior to this but I think enough happened on this day for it to count for two weeks! It's ok not to be perfect. I'm giving myself a pass on this one!


Eating out with kids tips - the photo version (sibling photos week 38/52)

There's nothing like a good, kid friendly neighborhood restaurant with interesting light and decor! I love that in Brooklyn you can eat out with your kids and still get decent food, and local pizzeria Speedy Romeo is a favorite.

Pizzeria doesn't even really cover it. It's a restaurant that serves great pizza and other dishes, not to mention one of the most delicious chocolate desserts on the planet. Real grownups go there without kids, even!

And yes, I love photographing the kids there. There is great light at lunch or early evening (we went at 5pm when I took these photos) although I do like to strategically influence our seating if I can. Not only do the kids get engrossed in pizza but these are also great memories of a much loved place.

This week's photo tips (long time Photosanity parents will be quite familiar with these!)

1) Photograph your family's much loved places you'll want to remember years from now.

2) Get your kids engrossed in something they love.

3) Get down low.

4) Enjoy your pizza!


Tips for photographing active kids - like mine! (sibling photos week 36&37/52)

I was remarking the other day how having a 2.75-year-old and a 5.75-year-old is in some ways more tiring than having a 1-year-old and a 4-year-old, and it is even more tiring than a newborn and a 3-year-old. I no longer have a kid and a baby. I have 2 kids, and they are both very active!

I've been home with them on a leave of absence from work for several weeks now and even though they are in school every day, the shuttling back and forth plus the time after school is definitely more physically tiring for me than going to work!

They are constantly in motion either in separate orbits or together, and I love how this sibling photo captures that.

Of course, one thing can be guaranteed to get them to sit still, at least for few moments and that is... ice cream!

Photo tip

If you have active kids, don't fight it. You know that asking them to be still is not going to work. Instead, wait for the pause in motion that comes every so often, or get them involved in something you know will naturally keep them still, even if only for a few moments.