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Our crazy beautiful life together (sibling photos week 10-11/52)

In the harried rush of the day, the moments can pass on by. But in the quiet of the night I go back and luxuriate in the "stills" from our busy life.

And the meltdowns and the shoes asked to be put on twenty times and the bickering over Lego and the whining about what tv shows they can watch fades away into nothing and all I can think of is how I simply cannot imagine that they have any idea how much I love them and our crazy beautiful life together.


My laid back photo strategies for your next beach vacation

On Mom365 this week, I am talking about laid back photo strategies for your next beach vacation.

Get tips and packing ideas to capture the moment like we were able to do on our recent family beach vacation to Aruba over winter break.

Without my photos, our week of warmth would be a much more distant memory.

Capturing beach vacation photos as a parent doesn’t have to be a big deal, or overly complicated. I have a few of these vacations under my belt now and have perfected some laid back photo strategies.

Read them all on Mom365.


Action photos to say goodbye to winter (sibling photos 9/52)

New York has been in a state of euphoria over "not 14F" temperatures. We even had a day last week with temperatures in the low 60s - no coats!

Before we jump fully into spring though, I do have to share some last snow storm photos... from March 1st!

As tired as we all became of the snow this year, it has to be said that it does provide great photo opportunities, especially if you can take photos while it is snowing. The opportunity came up while we were at my sister-in-law's house and, tricky as it was with the snow coming down pretty heavily, I had a lot of fun capturing some action shots.

Jack had fun but was very serious about the whole thing.

Liam on the other hand let loose and enjoyed a snowball fight with his older cousin a friend.

That wasn't even the last snowstorm we had but hopefully we are done now. Bring it on spring!


Fun photo projects for kids and a custom photo album to build baby's skills 

On Mom365, I'm sharing fun indoor projects for toddlers and preschoolers and a photo album project that builds skills and confidence for babies.

Getting kids involved in at-home photo projects

If you’re finding yourself at a loss as to what to do with your kids for a few more chilly afternoons, here are some ideas for at home photo projects that involve photos or make for great photo ops. What’s more, they are a lot of fun and make great memories.

1) Photo storybook or collage

When Liam was in pre-K he had an assignment to make a collage of all his favorite things. We printed recent family photos and then we collected photos of other favorite things on Pinterest to create this collage.

Kids love seeing photos of themselves and talking about what was going on when the photos were taken, some of which they might remember and some of which might be guesses, depending on their age.

Read more.

Photo projects to build your baby's confidence

For babies and toddlers who are not quite ready to do their own art projects, Pinhole Press has great products to help you use your photos to build your baby’s confidence.

Mini book of names and faces

Pick out your favorite photos of the most important people in baby’s life and create a beautiful customized book to build skills, like talking and recognition, in a fun and meaningful way.

You will be strengthening your child’s sense of relationships and belonging while also creating a beautiful keepsake for the future.

Read more.


Family vacation to beat the winter blues - sibling photos 7 and 8/52

Every winter break since Liam started preschool and therefore started having a winter break we have said, we really should go away somewhere warm for winter break. This year we finally did it!

While our fellow New Yorkers back home suffered 0F temperatures we enjoyed amazing sun, sea and sand-filled vacation in Aruba. It was bliss, and we felt like geniuses for getting out of town during what turned out to be the coldest week of the winter. It was hard to contain our glee!

I'll be sharing my photographic observations and tips from the trip on Mom365 soon, but in the meantime, here are some of my favorite DSLR shots, including my official sibling photos for week 7 and 8!

Have you gone on a family trip to beat the winter blues? What is your favorite place to vacation with your kids?