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What to do if your iphone gets lost or stolen

It happened to me. My iphone was stolen right out of my hands on the streets of NYC.

Read about how it happened and learn what you can do to protect your iphone - and your memories - if your favorite device is ever lost or stolen.

I share my 6 steps for how to protect your iPhone in case it gets lost or stolen. Steps 4 and 5 are essential in order to protect your photos.

1) Always get the insurance

Luckily my phone was insured, but to be honest, it was a spur of the moment decision at the time of purchase, and when my phone was stolen, I couldn’t remember which way I had decided until I was able to check with my carrier after the theft.

Get all 6 steps on Mom365.


Packing list must-haves for photo-friendly vacations

Whether you are headed for the beach or the slopes, I'm sharing your packing list must-haves for a photo-friendly vacation.

From camera gear like lenses and straps to iPhone apps and photo-ready outfits, get my complete list of what to pack for capturing the moment on your next family vacation.

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Parent photo tip - make the most of the walk home from school (sibling photos week 5/52)

Last week I shared with you my “in the snow” photos… but even after the sidewalks are shoveled and everyone is back at school, there are still great opportunities for winter weather photos.

The other day I grabbed my DSLR so I could capture the snow lined walk with Liam to pick Jack up from preschool, as well as during the walk back with both of them.

As Liam attended the same preschool before Jack did, we have over four years there and I have so many memories of this four block walk with each of them, over the years, through all seasons and weather.

Photo tip

Frustrated with your kids taking FOREVER to walk home because they are distracted by seemingly every lump of snow along the way? Instead, take advantage of this time when they are pre-occupied to practice your photography skills and capture the moment!


Photo valentine gifts for classmates and grandparents

Classroom Valentines

Every year at the preschool my older son used to attend and my younger son now attends, they do a Valentine’s Day card swap. The kids make their own Valentine’s Day mailbox out of a Kleenex box and they love it!

The Valentine’s Day cards don’t have to be handmade, but they usually are. And they don’t have to be photo cards, but we enjoy creating them together.

Photo cards are a great way to get kids involved in Valentine’s Day, to give them a project they can be proud of, and to create something special that their friends will treasure.

I try to come up with a simple concept that the kids can easily help with and the making of the cards is a great photo op!

Jump over to Mom365 to read my three simple ways to make DIY Valentine's Day photo cards.

Valentine's Day Gifts for Grandparents

Didn't quite get it together to make photo holiday gifts for grandparents?

Don't worry, you have a second chance. How about Valentine's Day photo gifts?

On Mom365 I am sharing 5 simple ideas for Valentine's Day gifts for grandparents.

1) A framed photo

It is simple and easy to send grandparents a framed photo for Valentine's Day, especially if you order through Mpix.

With Mpix, you can upload your photo and order it to come framed. If grandma and grandpa do not live near you, you can even have your framed photo shipped directly to them, for a Valentine that will arrive at their door.

Get my complete list of photo gift ideas for grandparents, perfect for Valentine's Day or any holiday, on Mom365.


How to capture your favorite winter weather moments

We are deep into snow here in NYC... well, not exactly deep, after last week's snow blizzard failed to deliver on the promised 2 to 3 feet of snow, but even so, we have had several snowfalls since and it is a slushy mess out there with more to come!

In fact, I'm even considering biting the bullet and buying poor Liam some proper snow boots as he has been making do with the fireman rain boots I bought him for Halloween two years ago! Granted, they were extremely big for him then but really, no wonder the poor kid has not been keen to go out and play in the snow.

On our snow day last Tuesday I did manage to get the kids into the backyard to play. Actually, Keith enticed them out by building them an igloo, which they crawled into to eat their oatmeal cookies.

Then we turned the igloo into a hill - Sledding for People Who Are Too Lazy to go to an Actual Hill!

I have to say, the light in the backyard was absolutely gorgeous.

Here is my soon-to-be 6 year old:

And here is my newly turned 3 year old:

It is hard to tell but it was actually still snowing lightly when I took these photos. If you can get out with your camera when it is snowing, the results can be magical. Here are a few of my favorites from last year when I was able to get out during a heavier snow fall.

For capturing the moment this winter, keep in mind some of my favorite snow day photo tips and inspiration:

The 3 survival techniques you need for taking photos in the snow.

If the snow has you stuck inside, try these simple indoor photo tips, starting with get the best from the light you have for the photos you want.

And my bonus tip for today: take snow photos in your backyard or in front of your home so when everyone is cold and cranky you can just pop back inside!

Stay warm and safe and have a great day.