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iPhone photo tips on Mom365

On Mom365, I've been talking about iPhone photos and how they can help you get more in the moment with your kids.

How to Catch the Moment Using Your iPhone Camera

For me, there is something absolutely magical that happens when my kids are in the flow, totally engrossed in the moment, and I’m just lucky to be along for the ride.

My iPhone camera helps me stay present and in the moment with them. I see more and feel more through the lens because I’m looking for the essence of the moment, the story I want to tell.

A moment that might just otherwise pass unnoticed becomes elevated both in experience and memory.

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Make Meaningful Memories on Your iPhone

It’s funny how photography can change the way you see and experience things. My life as a parent would be so different without photography.

Photography helps me see and to focus on moments that would otherwise slip by… the small everyday moments of joy and delight that make up a life.

I love my iPhone photos. Each photo that I edit and share is like a precious jewel to me in the crown of parenthood that, let’s face it, is not all sunshine and roses. I’m not saying enjoy every moment. But photographing my kids helps me to more fully experience, enjoy and focus on the daily moments that are worth savoring.

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Sharing favorite friends (sibling photos week 13/52)

When Liam was two, he watched the Cars movie for the first time, and thus began an obsession that lasted a good two years until we finally transitioned him into Superheroes, mostly for our own sanity as by then we could ALL recite the entirety of both movies, having watched them what felt like at least a hundred times each!

Therefore, despite the insane amount of merchandise we own, we were a little reticent to introduce Jack to the Lightning McQueen phenomenon and he skipped right into Superheroes.

We revisited this decision recently though as the constant Superhero fighting is wearing us a little thin. We dusted off the old DVDs... well actually we couldn't even find them so, to add insult to injury, we had to rent them on Amazon Prime, but it has actually been quite adorable to see Liam get reacquainted with old friends while introducing them to Jack who is happily "kachowing" all over the place now.

What is truly hilarious is seeing Jack's slowly dawning realization that our house is covered with Cars stuff that he just hadn't noticed before and we had all stopped seeing. Lightning and his friends are EVERYWHERE!

The other day, I took the boys to Pratt and some of our Cars friends came with us. The last time Liam played with Lightning McQueen, Jack was a baby. Now that baby has grown into a friend to share obsessions with.


Things you realize about your kids only in photos (sibling photos week 12/52)

I've never thought that my boys look all that much alike until I took these photos... apparently they have the exact same nose and mouth!


Our crazy beautiful life together (sibling photos week 10-11/52)

In the harried rush of the day, the moments can pass on by. But in the quiet of the night I go back and luxuriate in the "stills" from our busy life.

And the meltdowns and the shoes asked to be put on twenty times and the bickering over Lego and the whining about what tv shows they can watch fades away into nothing and all I can think of is how I simply cannot imagine that they have any idea how much I love them and our crazy beautiful life together.


My laid back photo strategies for your next beach vacation

On Mom365 this week, I am talking about laid back photo strategies for your next beach vacation.

Get tips and packing ideas to capture the moment like we were able to do on our recent family beach vacation to Aruba over winter break.

Without my photos, our week of warmth would be a much more distant memory.

Capturing beach vacation photos as a parent doesn’t have to be a big deal, or overly complicated. I have a few of these vacations under my belt now and have perfected some laid back photo strategies.

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